Your eyes

The fog is thick

The memories blurred

My heart remembers

How it stirred

My mind falters

Details forgotten

It is the heart that desires

To feel besotten

One more time

To reach out and hold

The lines long blurred

Yet the colors are bold

Like a raging fire

A tightening in the chest

Rising credcendo

Wild beating to a crest

Makes me wonder

Maybe I am mistaken

And completely wrong

In memories forsaken

How can absolute stillness

Stand right next to the storm

Feel completely free

Even when shackled and torn

Is it just my imagination

Or was there magic in the air

Did I make it all up

So beautiful and bare

And then just like that

As if by the shear will of my mind

You appear, looking out

As if trying to find

I stand frozen

As if bound by a million ties

I can’t help but stare

At the molten gold in your eyes

They speak volumes

In their quiet smile

I stand rooted

It has been a while

I stand shaken

Amazed how time can stand still

As if my thirst found its ocean

Wanting to get its fill

I back away slowly

Trying to disappear

Helpless and spellbound

Realizing my fear

I am so afraid

That if our eyes meet

Even for a moment,

Mine might speak

So I wish a wish

For your eyes stay in my sight

But let me stand

Outside the circle of your light

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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