It is as if You know

If You are who they say You are

Then why am I surprised

I should have known, You would know

If I needed You by my side

They say You have been forever

No time existed before You

They say You are in everything

Ages old or newborn new

If You are on my mind always

That makes you transcend time

If I see You in everything

That makes You essence sublime

If I hurt and call Your name

I expect it all in my mind

To echo around for a while

And finally quiet down in time

I do not expect You to pay notice

As You have so much to sustain

My mind tells me be quiet

Stop calling out in vain

But my heart, poor soul is crazy

Argues with my mind

He knows, it says fervently

He knows and He will find

Then we hear You calling

My heart and mind surprised

One with joy and pleasure

The other with caution prized

You seem to know everything

Just as Your people claim

It is as if You know

When my heart calls out Your name

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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