On display

If I speak from the mind

Overthinking makes me pause

If I speak from the heart

I have to undress, is the clause

Take off all the layers

Of protection and disguise

But where do I stand

Naked and not wise

Do passers by even care

I have a scar on my face

Do they look at me curious

Try to fit me in a place

Am I putting myself on display

As if to sell without regret

What will I buy

With the price that I get

I was deluded in my mind

That I was beautiful inside

That naked I would be desirable

And be of value or some pride

But now as I stand

On the curb as if a tease

All I see is a grimace

All eyes averted with unease

Is that pity that I see

Or concern for my state

Or even worse disgust

A look meant to berate

Mask up and quill down

I put my layers on again

And the armor is back on

And I long for the rain

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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