Elusive Silence

In silence, You speak to me in a hundred different ways…….

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मेले में ख़ामोशीऔर अकेले में शोरमुझ में ख़ुदाऔर ख़ुदा में कोई औरक्या ढूँढते होकहाँ उलझी है डोरक़ाबा खड़ा हैतेरे सजदों की ओर

I raise a glass

To the long dark nights For they are the keeper of dawn To the winter northern lights For they are the keeper of spring Raise a glass – To the sighs of strife For they are the keeper of success To the hours of life For they are the keeper of death Raise a glass…

I am done

The sun has barely asked For permission to move away Just for a little while, he says I know you will surely be okay – The birds have only just started Having thoughts of flying south Still enjoying the crisp dawns Having done feeding the tiny mouths – The earth is still debating If to…

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