Elusive Silence

In silence, You speak to me in a hundred different ways…….

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May I?

Lend me your silenceFor I need it more todayI know that I am drunkAnd afraid what I might say Will you hold my words for me If only for a little while Go on and let them kiss you They were born to make you smile


See how simple minded I am?I wander in search of YouAnd when I come face to face with YouI insist, that You were looking for me Look how simple minded I amWhat I want, is simpleYouAll of You, that is allAnd I insist, that You want me more I race around the sun as IContinue reading “Simple”

I speak

In the rush of the waterfall In the whisper of the morning mist In the anguish of the falling rain In the surrender of my unclenched fist In the lament of the sufis In the chants of the holy men In the howling of the valley wind In the ink bleeding from the pen InContinue reading “I speak”

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