Elusive Silence

In silence, You speak to me in a hundred different ways…….

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Let there be a purpose to the hate Let there be a purpose to the storm Let there be a purpose to the screams Let there be a purpose to the frown For there is no purpose to love None whatsoever to dance No purpose to the smile In a silent glance

Lost and found

I wandered the streets Ragged and lost Asked every pebble Every tree, even the frost Whirling and seeking Running in a maze Searching for my North star Gazing through a haze The need to find home The seeking, the longing The never ending quest To feel a belonging Someone must laugh At the fool thatContinue reading “Lost and found”

This being human

This being alive This being whole This walking toward This lighting the world Is mine Is sacred Is tender Is fierce Aflame with wonder This being enough It is a reflection This being love This loving what shines This loving the broken This being the mirror This being human

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