Elusive Silence

In silence, You speak to me in a hundred different ways…….

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Now Right now I am eternal I am free I am all that I wish to be When I was not….I did not know When I am gone….I will not know But right now…. This moment…..this breath I am immortal I am free I am everything, and nothing is me


Don’t call me an angel The burden is heavy Don’t give me wings I can not carry We are all on a quest We all give and receive There is just one synapse You to me My joy is abundant My heart sings loud We move together Even when silence is loud I stand tallContinue reading “Ma”

Left behind

Alone On the other side Of glass Reconciling Battles fought Won and lost Tired warrior Armor on Sword in hand Limp Alone On the other side Of life Fight on For the ashes Left behind

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