Elusive Silence

In silence, You speak to me in a hundred different ways…….

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I wear masks Too many to name Some by choice Others just came By birth or family Put on without consent No one gave An option to dissent Each mask came With a script of its own It did not ask It had to be worn The longer I wore The more they merged BecameContinue reading “Need”

Writings on sand

If I could choose the words To say all I had to say And write them all out Before they fade away I would write with fervor So I do not miss out All the frivolous details Pouring my heart out My words would probably fall Over each other a bit Trying to race eachContinue reading “Writings on sand”

Your eyes

The fog is thick The memories blurred My heart remembers How it stirred My mind falters Details forgotten It is the heart that desires To feel besotten One more time To reach out and hold The lines long blurred Yet the colors are bold Like a raging fire A tightening in the chest Rising credcendoContinue reading “Your eyes”

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