Elusive Silence

In silence, You speak to me in a hundred different ways…….

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We Sit Together

We sit together My grief and I Stare into the flames Of how and why Stoke the fire With a stick of could haves Fan it some more With all the should haves – We sit together My maker and I My thirst unquenched My soul is dry He mends my cracks With love mixedContinue reading “We Sit Together”

The last

The last rays of sun Kiss the gentle waves good night The last tears of love Make the silence feel all right

Silence speaks

If silence is whole And complete in itself Why do I hear it Like the fires of hell If silence is still And forever unchanging Why does it feel Like the galaxies racing If silence is noble Like the wisdom of age Why does it fool me By showing its rage If silence is quietContinue reading “Silence speaks”

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