Elusive Silence

In silence, You speak to me in a hundred different ways…….

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The door

When you lay me down to rest Don’t put me in a dark casket Lay me on a pile of wood Light the flame and step far back Let me burn down to the bone Ashes left, as I go home Don’t mark the spot or leave a stone Let the grass grow, fed byContinue reading “The door”


The sun sets over the ocean Pours its fire into my wine cup Red as blood and raging Barely contained Now it looks at me as if teasing Daring me to defy The urge to lift up to my lips And drink and drown fast As strong as the temptation To reach oblivion quick JustContinue reading “Red”


Do the petals of a cherry blossom When the pageantry is done Feel lost as they fall away Without direction or home Does the little urchin feel it On the vast ocean floor Carried by the currents Not knowing which way to turn The waves that keep coming Wiping out my words And going backContinue reading “Lost”

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