Elusive Silence

In silence, You speak to me in a hundred different ways…….

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The moon must say it To the last shining star The ocean must whisper it To the setting sun Don’t go yet I want more Stay Just a little longer I still have breath in me So I will speak Will you stay and listen Just a little longer I am drunk but still awareContinue reading “Stay”

Not the same

If you are the idol On a high pedestal I can bow down And kneel and pray I can revere From a distance I do not wish To stand up or stay If you are a stranger Walking along I can smile And not fray I do not wish To stop or stay If youContinue reading “Not the same”


Like trying to hold water in my fist Like trying to trap sunshine in my eyes Like trying to bottle the morning breeze Like trying to ride the clouds floating by Silence is that water That sunshine That breeze Around me always But not caught with ease Rewarding, not testing Mocking nor sad Wise andContinue reading “Elusive”

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