See how simple minded I am?
I wander in search of You
And when I come face to face with You
I insist, that You were looking for me

Look how simple minded I am
What I want, is simple
All of You, that is all
And I insist, that You want me more

I race around the sun as I whirl
My frenzy unmatched
Yet I insist,
The sun rises and sets on my command

I speak

In the rush of the waterfall

In the whisper of the morning mist

In the anguish of the falling rain

In the surrender of my unclenched fist

In the lament of the sufis

In the chants of the holy men

In the howling of the valley wind

In the ink bleeding from the pen

In the longing of the half moon

In the twinkle of the rising star

In the quiet caress of the ocean wave

In the calling of the lark from far

In the red and gold of the leaves

Euphoric, adorned for a final fall

I speak to you in a hundred ways

Tell me you can hear them all


If the waves settle down

And my mind comes to rest

And I search in the corners

Now my eyesight not the best

I find pictures of moments

And people we have seen

Pictures of memories

And the beings we have been

If I wipe off the dust

And hold them just right

I can still see the laughter

Giving sunshine it’s light

I can still see the dreams

I can still see the hopes

I can see all the desires

Not bound by any ropes

I allow myself a moment

A moment that I borrow

If I die right here right now

I will live again tomorrow

I have nothing of yours

And you have nothing of mine

Yet we sit happily in the dust

I, in your corners. You, in mine

Be drunk…. with me

Until I find the courage

To see things as they are

Until I find the freedom

To be able to go far

Until I can learn enough

To rewrite the rule

Until I can be wise enough

And not another fool

Come sit by me a moment

And set aside your care

Let’s get drunk a little

And play a game of dare

Dare to be free

Bleeding hearts bare

Dare to be broken

Together, right here

Dare to be just right

But only to our own self

Throw away assumptions

Put perceptions on the shelf

Dare to be real

Say it as it is

Silent and loud

Drunk….. just like this


My whirling

My wandering

My dreaming

My thinking

My musing

My asking

My wondering

My drinking

Let me be forsaken

by all the schools

Let me abide

By no one’s rules

My words

The silence

My antics

The seeing

My frenzy

The stillness

My seeking

The being

Let me hold out my cup

while it rains from above

Let me abide

in the things that I love

The kindness

The faith

The smile

The light

The wisdom

The face

The presence

The grace

Let me stand and stare

Lost and in awe

Let me abide

inside the line I can’t draw

Just a little longer

Slow down my dear soul

Learn to slowly sip the wine

Let it burn as it goes down

Let it take it’s own sweet time

Slow down my dear heart

Fall in love and fall real hard

Then sit still and slowly break

Gently touch each jagged shard

Slow down my dear mind

In your rush to win each war

Learn to savor each drop you bleed

Win at home, don’t go far

Let me sit in the fire more

And slowly get a little stronger

Let me learn to give time more time

And be still, a little longer

Life and death

There must be something else

Beyond the in and out breath

There must be a silent pause

Beyond the noise of life and death

Where do I look for that

Who do I need

How do I find it

Why and why indeed

I stare deep into my cup

And in the swirls of my time

I will find my answers

As the quest is only mine

I have put aside my rosary

I have forgotten how to pray

I want to learn to die each morning

So I may truly live each day

I want to meet the death

Between each breath, in and out

So I may live the breath itself

And let death not cast a doubt

I want to reach the gold mine

Of silence between each word

So that each word that is spoken

Is worthy of being heard

Good enough

The clouds may be thick and heavy

The stars twinkle less bright

Knowing the sun will still come up

I will rise and take my flight

Is good enough

I might not be wise and well cut

Only a jester in your court

Knowing I make you laugh

I am doing my perfect part

Is good enough

I might be drunk and unsteady

Lost and wandering in a hole

I know the steps to the winehouse

Are etched into my soul

Is good enough

I may not find my perfect silence

Or the treasure they say is quiet

But that I hear the thunder in the words

And that the pause is quite a riot

Is good enough

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