Just a little longer

Slow down my dear soul

Learn to slowly sip the wine

Let it burn as it goes down

Let it take it’s own sweet time

Slow down my dear heart

Fall in love and fall real hard

Then sit still and slowly break

Gently touch each jagged shard

Slow down my dear mind

In your rush to win each war

Learn to savor each drop you bleed

Win at home, don’t go far

Let me sit in the fire more

And slowly get a little stronger

Let me learn to give time more time

And be still, a little longer



In the radiance of green

Hides the hint of the gold

What is young right now

Hides the hint of the old

In the clear blue skies

Floats one gentle cloud

Against the brilliant laughing blues

The tears wear a shroud

In the still waters of time

Flow the rivers of age

In the mirror’s reflection

Hides the perfect sage

In the thunder of silence

Are the answers to my why

We gaze intently at each other

My mirror and I

Let me lay here


But not lost


But not defeated

Let me lay here

For just a moment

Cover me up with a blanket

Of ice and snow

Let me breathe and remember

The sound of rain

In my ears

The touch of raindrops

On my face

The warmth of laughter

In my chest

I will rise again

To love again

But until the snow melts

Let me lay here — quiet

Until the snow melts

Stay by my side — quiet


My heart grows restless

Wondering when I will hold You

My eyes tire from not blinking

Lest I miss seeing You

My ears hurt from straining

To hear Your voice

I look up and

I tell myself

Hush dear soul

This is a game of eternities

A dance of forever

If not the breath in

The breath out

If not today


If not this lifetime

The next

For right now—

I am enough


How do I reconcile

The darkness under the lamp

How do I offer

The holy water murky with mud

Do I notice

My cup is broken, many times over

Can I tell

My hands are not always steady

Do I weigh my soul

In a balance, against my actions

Do the sins

Weigh heavy, and sink the scale

Today I sit

And be silent in my presence

Lower my head

And my ego and my mind

Count every infraction

Like the beads on the rosary

Mend my cup

With flakes of gold

Let the mud settle

I can see my reflection

Accountable, but forgiven

Made whole

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