Just a little longer

Slow down my dear soul

Learn to slowly sip the wine

Let it burn as it goes down

Let it take it’s own sweet time

Slow down my dear heart

Fall in love and fall real hard

Then sit still and slowly break

Gently touch each jagged shard

Slow down my dear mind

In your rush to win each war

Learn to savor each drop you bleed

Win at home, don’t go far

Let me sit in the fire more

And slowly get a little stronger

Let me learn to give time more time

And be still, a little longer



In the radiance of green

Hides the hint of the gold

What is young right now

Hides the hint of the old

In the clear blue skies

Floats one gentle cloud

Against the brilliant laughing blues

The tears wear a shroud

In the still waters of time

Flow the rivers of age

In the mirror’s reflection

Hides the perfect sage

In the thunder of silence

Are the answers to my why

We gaze intently at each other

My mirror and I

I am done

The sun has barely asked

For permission to move away

Just for a little while, he says

I know you will surely be okay

The birds have only just started

Having thoughts of flying south

Still enjoying the crisp dawns

Having done feeding the tiny mouths

The earth is still debating

If to slow down or keep spinning

The full moon has yet to declare

If its favors are up for winning

The jasmine is still blooming

Oblivious to the date and time

For there is still a warmth

In the little worms in the grime

All the other tress still standing

Green and tall in the long light

But this one here, is like me

Done…..and no more desire to fight

It cares not that the day is long

Or the earth still a tender warm

It cares not who seeks its shade

Or what of the next big storm

It seems done with all of that

And is now left with no desire

It has no need to say goodbye

It has become one with the fire


मेरी क़लम की सियाही काग़ज़ को मंज़ूर नहीं

मेरे ख़ुदा की खुदाई बंदे को मंज़ूर नहीं

मेरी रगों का धुआँ मेरे जिगर को मंज़ूर नहीं

मेरे होने का ग़ुमा मेरे शहर को मंज़ूर नहीं

अमावस की रात चाँद को मंज़ूर नहीं

मेरे दिल की बात मेरे ज़हन को मंज़ूर नहीं

आग को राख़ बन कर बुझ जाना मंज़ूर नहीं

मुझे खाक़ बन कर चले जाना मंज़ूर नहीं

A promise

If the promise is the heavens

I will gladly die today

If the promise is a meeting with You

I will forego the heavens

If the promise is quiet

I will gladly give up all my words

If the promise is stillness

I will even forego all my currents

But you see, there are no promises

And nothing is ever for granted

Then leave me be, sinful and singing

For I wish to stay alive today, in love

We Sit Together

We sit together

My grief and I

Stare into the flames

Of how and why

Stoke the fire

With a stick of could haves

Fan it some more

With all the should haves

We sit together

My maker and I

My thirst unquenched

My soul is dry

He mends my cracks

With love mixed in gold

I am drunk again

And again I am bold

We sit together

The moon and I

The silence comes

And sits nearby

The rain is gentle

And the night is long

The dance of a sigh

To the eternal song

Silence speaks

If silence is whole

And complete in itself

Why do I hear it

Like the fires of hell

If silence is still

And forever unchanging

Why does it feel

Like the galaxies racing

If silence is noble

Like the wisdom of age

Why does it fool me

By showing its rage

If silence is quiet

Like the midnight sea

Why does it speak

So loudly to me

Maybe silence is lost

Just as I am, in myself

It eludes, not just me

But its very own self

Every time

Every single time the night falls

A sun rises to show me the light

Every time the heart grows weary

A friend comes by and makes it right

Every time when I wander astray

Someone brings me back with a whirl

Every time I descend into darkness

I seem to come back with another pearl

In the ups and downs of this ride

Each crest is laden with such pleasure

But the real quest lies in the abyss

Where every time I find a new treasure

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