Just a little longer

Slow down my dear soul

Learn to slowly sip the wine

Let it burn as it goes down

Let it take it’s own sweet time

Slow down my dear heart

Fall in love and fall real hard

Then sit still and slowly break

Gently touch each jagged shard

Slow down my dear mind

In your rush to win each war

Learn to savor each drop you bleed

Win at home, don’t go far

Let me sit in the fire more

And slowly get a little stronger

Let me learn to give time more time

And be still, a little longer



In the radiance of green

Hides the hint of the gold

What is young right now

Hides the hint of the old

In the clear blue skies

Floats one gentle cloud

Against the brilliant laughing blues

The tears wear a shroud

In the still waters of time

Flow the rivers of age

In the mirror’s reflection

Hides the perfect sage

In the thunder of silence

Are the answers to my why

We gaze intently at each other

My mirror and I


To find some order in chaos

To make any sense of loss

To win the battle raging on

To carve a smile from a frown

To be drunk and yet alert

To be an idol while still dirt

To be a shadow and a pool

To be wise and still a fool

To arrive, while in pursuit

To be the emptiness of my flute

To be the music in the silence

And the pause in the dance

To be the ink and the quill

I am silent, I am still

A milestone

Some planned

Most not

Some cherished

Some not

Some etched to memory

Some forgot

Some shared

Some not

Some for the world

Some within

Some with drums

Some without the din

Some with tears

Some with a grin

Some mark defeat

Some define a win

Take each one, as it is

Make what you want, of all of it

Each milestone, a place to pause

To savor your light, as you see fit


Don’t call me an angel

The burden is heavy

Don’t give me wings

I can not carry

We are all on a quest

We all give and receive

There is just one synapse

You to me

My joy is abundant

My heart sings loud

We move together

Even when silence is loud

I stand tall beside you

No halo, no wings

Forever grateful

For the little things

Lost and found

I wandered the streets

Ragged and lost

Asked every pebble

Every tree, even the frost

Whirling and seeking

Running in a maze

Searching for my North star

Gazing through a haze

The need to find home

The seeking, the longing

The never ending quest

To feel a belonging

Someone must laugh

At the fool that I am

For now I laugh too

At the simple grand plan

The searching can stop

For there is nowhere to be

I am home with each step

I am meant to just be

There is no home

There is nothing amiss

There is no other

I am all that there is

Sit with me, dear me

Bring all of me to myself

A reflection…. and enough

There really is nothing else

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