A blessing

May you fall and fall hard

And feel no one cares

And when down and low you sit

May you find your lost prayers

May you fail and fail miserably

At something you tried hard

And then fall into a slumber

May you dream a new start

May your heart get broken

At least a million times within

And with each painful break

May you learn to let the light in

May you feel the pangs of loss

Of a loved one very dear

And when tears of grief come

May they wash away your fear

May you burn up in jealousy

Consumed by your desire

In that moment of wanting

May you learn about fire

May you lose a hard fought fight

And be made to feel small

But in that moment of dejection

May you learn to walk tall

May you get lost on your way

And wander around alone

And when your are ready to give up

May a friend take you home

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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