Just This

In my mind’s own eye

Where I can be whoever I want

Make a wish

And have the power to grant

I wish to feel every emotion

A thousandfold more

I can not get enough

Give me the power to soar

Feel the wind on my face

Soar up to the blue sky

The thrill of the flight

How high is too high

The want to laugh so hard

Until the tears start to fall

Feeling warm to my core

No fear at all

I want to hold fire

Get burnt down to nothing

A glance, or a word

Can do the same thing

Bursting with brilliance

I want to see the rainbows

Each color so vivid

Each ember that glows

Like the warm ray of sunshine

that each snowflake wants to kiss

I want to be everything

Forever, just this

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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