Are you proud of me

I spent years looking up

Doing my best to be the best

Trying hard, as hard can be

To live up to what you expect

I strove endlessly to reach a goal

That I had no part in setting

I was willing to spill my blood

Though I was not the one betting

I held out my hand for comfort

But was led down a path not mine

By the time I knew what I wanted

I was deep in the coal mine

I learnt to say the right things

I climbed the ladder’s height

I met your definition of good

I fought a fair fight

When hurt I looked for comfort

Instead was told to be brave

I have learnt to be a warrior

My knees no more cave

When I wanted to speak my mind

I was told to be quiet

I have learnt to remain silent

Though my thoughts are a riot

I have had moments of anguish

When tears have threatened to bleed

But I have learnt it is much better

To laugh, than be pitied

As the flowers fold in to rest

I look up silently

My eyes hold my question

Are You proud of me?

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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