I need to get home

Dawn breaks

The earth stretches

The sky unfolds slowly

The dew drops sigh

The trees stir

And the sun starts

Its slow journey across the sky

I wake up from my dream

Of being home with You

I jump up ready

I need to get home

No time to waste

I have to finish what I start

Everything has to be done

Promises have to be kept

Lessons have to be learnt

Wrongs need to be made right

I have to live a whole life now

I will be gone tomorrow

No time

To linger around

To ponder

I walk fast

I run

I speak fast

Some heard, some lost

I need to say everything

No time to lose

Or pause

I am rushing to get home

As the shadows start to get long

And the birds fly home

My hope starts to dim

Of getting home today

It is dark

I have to stop

Sit and stay

No point in fighting any more

Tired feet

My eyes close

I dream

Of home

Of You

Of light and joy

I wake up with the lark

Jump up and ready

Today will be the day

I will get home

I have to get home

I have to walk fast

No time to waste

I need to do everything


Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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