I carry the weight

You are sweet and gentle

A believer

A saint and a hermit

A giver

Kind to a fault

So when you put your hopes in me

Hopes of love

Of forgiveness

And you wish for me to bring to you

The moon

That reflects the sun

And lights up your path

On long dark nights

When you long for me

To bring you

The comfort of a shoulder

I become that eye lash

That fell lovingly on your cheek

That you carefully held

And closed your eyes

And blew upon gently

With steadfast intent

And made a wish

With just a hint of a hopeful smile

I feel the weight that

That eyelash must carry

Wanting to search

And bring you

What you long for

But you quietly look at me

And tell me

That it is for you to wish

For me to be just a messenger

And for Another to grant

You make me feel light


So let me be the one

You continue to wish upon

I will feel I am

Still looking

Through your eyes

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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