Stepping out of my palace

There was cold and hunger

My first fears

The first breath while drowning

My first desire

And there started an incessant need

To be cared for

And the inevitable fear

Of being lost

Abandoned, forsaken

And then the seeking

To be with another

For fear of being alone

To be away

For the fear of empty home

To wear a hundred masks

For the fear of rejection

Today I sat with my Fear

And said I have grown up

I might be cold and hungry

But I can breathe on my own

I might not go places

But I can go within

I might not please everyone

But I have me with me

The earth The fire The wind

Have watched over me with love

They have raised me to be capable

Of caring for myself

I know I always was and will be

One, with everything I see

I do not need to go back

That is done

No one is pouring fire on my heart

Right now I am whole

Right now I am free

Right now I am


Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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