Our demons

I don’t believe in strokes of luck

Or meetings, as if by chance

I don’t really believe in either

Everything is set in advance

It is rare one finds another

And forge a bond so strong

One can feel completely free

The other can do no wrong

One can watch the other smile

And want to smile along

One can safely bare a scar

And yet completely belong

One can share a dream or sorrow

Without the shame or regret

One can safely make mistakes

Knowing the other will forget

One can tell the other if it hurts

And be held until strong again

One can be a shield for the other

And yet there is no claim

One can safely talk of failings

And the other understands

One can ask for help no doubt

The other lends a hand

One can walk beside the other

Or one in front, the other behind

Whether standing near or far

Always together in mind

I don’t believe in chance or luck

To be naive, I don’t pretend

My demons play so well with yours

You must be an old friend

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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