Right now

You ask why I am quiet today

You praise I have become wise

For a moment I revel

In a moment of stoked pride

The irony struck me quickly

If I am wise

How easily I am lifted

By kind extravagant praise

And just as easily broken

By a gentle rebuke

So wisdom aside

Where is my voice

Ah — the sad truth

Like a punch

Hits me hard

It is no wisdom

But fear — that freezes my words

But why am I afraid

When I know you would never hurt me

Or make fun of my words

What am I afraid of

I see my fears dancing

Fear of saying something wrong

Fear of loss

Fear of decay

And I did not realize

In the fear of a future unknown

I lost the gift of now

Because right now

You are here

And I am okay

I never was anything

I will always be nothing

But right now

I am whole

So unafraid again

I speak

Words falling over each other

I have not found the silence of wisdom

I tear up the silence of fear

Happily I ramble on again

Silence eludes me

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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