I think I am lost

Show me the way

What do I want, you ask

What I most desire

So you can set me on a path

To my North star

I fumble


You smile and gently speak

And tell me to look at me

What do I envy

That will be my need

You say it has to be a burning desire

A howling want

Above all else

I stop my whirling

And in that pause

Suspended in time

Like eternity

I feel my need

My hunger

I want

To not want words

I envy the wise silence

That has no need

No desire to speak

To shout

To laugh

To cry

To sing

That silence eludes me

I start to whirl again

If I am lost

I might as well sing

Until silence is found




I am bleeding green

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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