You are a Father

If you kneeled down low

And sat on the floor

Had make believe tea

And then asked for more

Gingerly lifted the tiny cup

To your lips, and smiled

Complimenting lavishly

And unashamedly lied

….Today is for you

If you ever were brave

And sat in a low chair

Wincing inside, smiling outside

As she braided your hair

If you admired the choice

Of the mismatched clips

And looked into the mirror

Saw the wide smile on her lips

….Today is for you

If you stopped your frenzy

To sit down and listen

As he related uncomfortable touch

You saw the tears glisten

If you believed and said so

And stood tall next to him

Took on the world

And didn’t say it was his whim

….Today is for you

If you paused long enough

Before choosing to correct

Taught her to reason

To think and reflect

If you escaped the trap

Of feeling strong because you were tall

If you did not let your anger

Be unleashed on the small

….Today is for you

If you lived your own life

Without regret or remorse

And did your best

To share your own force

To pass on your own dreams

You resisted the temptations

Instead, let her truly

Set her own expectations

….Today is for you

If your mind filled with joy

And chest swelled with pride

You said it out loud

Did not feel the need to hide

If you lifted him on your shoulder

Held him up high

Gave him the conviction

He could touch the sky

….Today is for you

Happy Father’s Day!

(The Y chromosome is optional)

Published by ElusiveSilence

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