Like trying to hold water in my fist

Like trying to trap sunshine in my eyes

Like trying to bottle the morning breeze

Like trying to ride the clouds floating by

Silence is that water

That sunshine

That breeze

Around me always

But not caught with ease

Rewarding, not testing

Mocking nor sad

Wise and warm

Fulfilled and glad

The slow kiss of wine

The baring of soul

The glow of embers

The melting of gold

Silence teases and laughs

In wins and fails

Shows glimpses of self

Like the falling of veils

For I have now tasted

The silence of enough

I am hopelessly lost

Searching the rough

To know it once

Even just for a breath

Like having tasted blood

Like defying death

Searching and trying

To capture it again

Silence eludes me

I wander insane

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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