Be You

I may see you as a star

Or the door left ajar

I may put you up high

On the pedestal of light

I may make you the wise one

There, when the rest are gone

I may see you as the fire

That will light up my pyre

I may see you as the breeze

That I can gently tease

In my mind you might roar

Or as the eagle you might soar

I might see you in the redwood

Or in everything that’s good

I may see you as the wine

Or the cup that holds mine

Or the hands that slowly pour

As I ask to keep no score

I may see you in perfection

Of the moon’s full reflection

But don’t let me tell you what I see

What I see is only me

Whereas you are so much more

Be you, be more

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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