Writings on sand

If I could choose the words

To say all I had to say

And write them all out

Before they fade away

I would write with fervor

So I do not miss out

All the frivolous details

Pouring my heart out

My words would probably fall

Over each other a bit

Trying to race each other

So each one shall be writ

Writing the words out

Would be baring the mind

The heart and the soul

Hoping the reader will be kind

Some words would be loud

Like the storm in me

Others just a whisper

Written ever so quietly

I could write and not be heard

Or heard but not seen

Or I could live in the space

That lives in between

The space between the words

Is where I truly belong

So the words can fade away

If I said something wrong

So I write my words in sand

And watch the waves wash ashore

Leaving silence behind

I shall then write some more

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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