Perfect, just right

Exactly the way you are

Right now, this moment

From near or very far

The sparkle in your eyes

Or the tears in your smile

The laughter in your heart

Or the journey in your mile

The teasing in your words

Or the kind regard

The brilliance of your wisdom

Or the lowering of your guard

Letting me be

Who I want to be

Even when each day

I change like colors of the sea

Leaving me whole

Complete and free

Walk with me

No command or plea

We are not pieces

To make the other complete

Whole in ourselves

Walking to our own beat

Sometimes we walk in step

The rhythm meets by chance

We whirl synchronous

A beautiful dance

Other times alone

Pushing with our own tide

Serving our own purpose

And finding our pride

So I take claim

Of my joys and my sorrows

Hold myself up

Today and all tomorrows

You be you

The best you can be

We witness each other

Friends and free

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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