I speak

In the rush of the waterfall

In the whisper of the morning mist

In the anguish of the falling rain

In the surrender of my unclenched fist

In the lament of the sufis

In the chants of the holy men

In the howling of the valley wind

In the ink bleeding from the pen

In the longing of the half moon

In the twinkle of the rising star

In the quiet caress of the ocean wave

In the calling of the lark from far

In the red and gold of the leaves

Euphoric, adorned for a final fall

I speak to you in a hundred ways

Tell me you can hear them all

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

3 thoughts on “I speak

  1. The depth in your words, like a journey through every vivid scene you describe and the way you bring it all back ‘I speak to you in a hundred ways…’ amazing ! There’s a comfort I find in reading your work a feeling of familiarity when I relate in some ways. Thank you for sharing your work and for your amazing blog! In this your journey through hardships and joy, I wish you the best and look forward to keep reading your work.

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