I am done

The sun has barely asked

For permission to move away

Just for a little while, he says

I know you will surely be okay

The birds have only just started

Having thoughts of flying south

Still enjoying the crisp dawns

Having done feeding the tiny mouths

The earth is still debating

If to slow down or keep spinning

The full moon has yet to declare

If its favors are up for winning

The jasmine is still blooming

Oblivious to the date and time

For there is still a warmth

In the little worms in the grime

All the other tress still standing

Green and tall in the long light

But this one here, is like me

Done…..and no more desire to fight

It cares not that the day is long

Or the earth still a tender warm

It cares not who seeks its shade

Or what of the next big storm

It seems done with all of that

And is now left with no desire

It has no need to say goodbye

It has become one with the fire

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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