Do the petals of a cherry blossom

When the pageantry is done

Feel lost as they fall away

Without direction or home

Does the little urchin feel it

On the vast ocean floor

Carried by the currents

Not knowing which way to turn

The waves that keep coming

Wiping out my words

And going back

Must feel it real strong

For sure, the spark of fire

That leapt off the flame

Feels it, as it takes off

Into the dark unknown

I know I too feel lost at times

Round and round I go

Sometimes wanting to break off

And other times wanting to give in

But one means a free fall

And the other a collision course

Do I really want to find

A way that leads home

Or do I want to just wander

Maybe home I have none

So meet me at the corner

Of holding on and letting go

Bring me my cup of wine

And let it kiss me real slow

Then put your hands on my eyes

And turn me three around

And set me back into my whirling

Lost and happy drunk

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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