The sun sets over the ocean

Pours its fire into my wine cup

Red as blood and raging

Barely contained

Now it looks at me as if teasing

Daring me to defy

The urge to lift up to my lips

And drink and drown fast

As strong as the temptation

To reach oblivion quick

Just as strong a wish

To make the journey last

From the first drop to the last

Make each one count

The thrill of walking on the edge

Before taking the plunge into the abyss

So I look back at my cup

The challenge is so on

With a twinkle in my eye

Let’s start a slow dance

Let me hold you in my hands

Feel your fire against my skin

Let me slowly twirl you

See the sparkle in your eyes

As I lift you to my lips

Let me feel you close your eyes

In anticipation hold your breath

To match my own desire

The first drop is the kiss

And then the fire turns into flames

Until the last drop is the sigh

Of the ashes that remain

The sun has long gone home

And the air is very quiet

A gentle breeze takes pity

Carries me safely home

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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