Go on, laugh

I woke up hungover

And decided for sure

That today is the day

This is it, no more

No more going to the temple

No begging for grace

No more wanting mercy

No more fighting the case

I leave the wine house

I slowly walk away

Am I still complete

Be it, as it may

Let me watch You now

I quietly jeer

Look for me all over

Far and near

Miss me and want me

Long for me a little

Feel what I feel

Left standing in the middle

You may be all knowing

All present all power

But you still need me

Like the rain needs the flower

Like the sun needs the moon

And the ocean needs the wave

The winemaker his drunk

God needs His knave

I bring down my cup

Yes I do dare

The wine needs me more

I loudly declare

And that is when I hear

Your smile loud and pure

Don’t need to say a word

I read Your mind for sure

The whole is complete

No matter what’s taken

The whole can always give

To the fallen forsaken

The whole needs nothing

Wants nothing at all

Is whole in itself

Can never fall

I walk back slowly

To the temple door

Hold my cup out

And beg for some more

Afraid of the silence

If my mind clears up

Go on winemaker

Fill me my cup

Drunk and chastesized

Part of the whole

I whirl in my madness

Go on, laugh dear soul

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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