Many hearts

I must be lucky

Or extra blessed

Very special

I self profess

I can wear a heart

On my sleeve

Share my joy

Give and receive

It gets broken

Quite easily

I find another

No big deal

I find it easy

To fall in love

With anyone

Sent from above

Give my heart

Plucked from the chest

Totally fragile

Yes you guessed

Breaks like glass

Shatters fast

Replaced right away

Oh so fast

I carry hearts

In my eyes

Searching for love

No disguise

Goes unsaid

They break in tears

But quickly replaced

With no fears

I speak my heart

In my word

Listen for echoes

If I am heard

Silence comes

Loud as thunder

Breaks my heart

No wonder

But I find more words

And a new heart

Onward and forward

I have a new start

Blessed for sure

As I don’t die

With each heartbreak

I just sigh

Give myself a moment

Feel the pain

Move on

A new heart again

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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