Lend me

Much as I enjoy

The raging storm in me

The never ending quest

To be all that I can be

Much as I love

The fire in me that burns

Consumes me completely

Whirling with my turns

Lend me your mind

So I may know the brilliance

Of a thought that is created

With intent and resilience

Lend me your heart

So I may know the devotion

That is pure and untainted

Deep as the ocean

Lend me your soul

So I may meet the sages

Of wisdom and reason

That transcend the ages

Lend me your eyes

So I may see the sunrise

In all its glory

Even as the star dies

Lend me your bones

That can carry all the weight

Never falter or bow

To the vagaries of fate

Lend me all of you

For a moment, I want to be

The stillness and silence

That forever eludes me

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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