I want to touch fire

Your wisdom is Your being

You go about silently

You make the sun rise

And the earth turn quietly

You make the eagles fly

You make the mountains rise

You make waters still

No rush no surprise

You command the stars shine

You make dew drops glow

You make flower fields bloom

You put on a gentle show

Your silence lives in trees

Gnarled but standing tall

Weathered the winds of time

No fear of a fall

But today break your silence

The storm in me is loud

Go on speak in thunder

The lightening in the cloud

I am standing in the rain

Looking up to you

Go on and drench me

But talk to me too

Answer all my whys

And the why nots as well

I am pulling hard on the rope

Of Your temple bell

I seek answers to my questions

I have but one desire

Speak to me today

I want to touch fire

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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