Promise me

I will go and fight my battles

Let my sword show no concern

I will shed my last drop of blood

If you will be here when I return

I will wander the streets and beg

Let my feet bleed a while

If you open the door when I knock

And fill my bowl with your smile

I will walk up the temple steps

And ring the bells and bow my head

If you stand right in front of me

When the grounds kiss my forehead

I will make each person friend

And give all of me with no fear

If you show yourself in each

And everyone that I see dear

I will be the jester in the town

Let all laugh and have some fun

As long as you will be amused

And laugh out loud with everyone

I will give up all my words

No more storm in the sea

Promise me that in that silence

You will then speak to me

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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