Meet me

Meet me at the corner

Where the parallel lines meet

Where north meets south

The ocean and sky greet

Meet me as the wolf

As I become the hawk

Meet me somewhere else

Where eyes can not lock

Meet me at the crossroads

Of heaven and hell

When I am Lucifer

And you, Gabriel

Meet me by the light

If the galaxies collide

Meet me exactly where

The high meets the low tide

Meet me in the embers

As the fire burns down

The air still hot

My face still painted clown

Meet me at the end

Of the rainbow that I see

Where the locks are broken

The bird is set free

Meet me in the valley

Where my words meet silence

The thunder mourns the rain

The end of all violence

Meet me at the steps

That go from wine house to the temple

Where we raise our cups

To the unkind in the gentle

Meet me where the sun

Meets the moon tonight

I will wear my finest

To my last rite

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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