I might be in the shadow of a cloud

I might stand still in pouring rain

I might feel my heart give out

My tears run into my own pain

But I can still keep hope in knowing

And I can smile and move on still

Knowing the clouds will have to go

Knowing the sun shines over the hill

I might stay up nights, afraid

Worried, if I did my part

Pacing with a mind overcome

How do I know where to start

But if I just stop and think

And then I can rest easy still

I let go of my sense of me

Faith in Your even stronger will

I might walk into the crowds today

I might want to see You now

I might long to see You smile

Hear You tell me why and how

I stop and search each face over

Looking for the One face I know

I stop and listen to each voice

Seek the One from long ago

It is enough to know You are

Present like the shining sun

Your face is in every face I see

Your voice I hear in everyone

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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