I thought I knew for sure

Exactly who I am

A name, a face, a body

Not some phony sham

I had my roots and branches

Knew my place in the line

Those in front and behind me

All seemed perfect and fine

But the name is common place

The face is changing too

The body talking back

As if it knows not what to do

I started sure and certain

On a path to a destined star

When did I wander off

How did I stray so far

I left myself somewhere

And forgot to leave a mark

And now I can’t remember

No etchings in the bark

I look down at my hands

Searching for answers to my quest

With a cup held so tight

Was I drunk at my best

Can someone help me find

Help me find me one more time

This time I will be careful

No. Not another drop of wine

Help me look into the mirror

See what I have become

Past the name, face and body

A lost soul needs a home

Like a lost dog needs a master

A lost marble needs a jar

A lost prayer needs a God

I just need my North star

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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