Don’t be mine

The joy is in the seeking

The fun is in pursuit

The aching in the longing

To want without refute

To pursue is to do

To want drives action

To seek demands longing

The orphan seeks affection

For all I have accomplished

And all that I have found

Has left me feeling a want

As if more should be around

Always seeking and pursuing

I love the longing ever more

I love the war more than victory

I love the thirst in my core

What if I feel the same

When I meet me and we speak

And when I become mine

And what if I still feel incomplete?

So go on, roar in mighty thunder

But do not give in and rain

Leave me parched, wanting more

Let me languish in the pain

Go on and hide behind the mountain

Let me seek until I tire

Do not show Yourself today

Let me burn in my desire

Go on and silence all the heads

Let the words all burn away

Not a sound, not a whisper

As I strain my ears today

Leave my cup unfilled and empty

So I may always long for more

Don’t be mine, not today

I seek to want You even more

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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