If I get lost

If I get lost in my wandering

Will You come in search of me

Or should I drop some crumbs

And carefully mark each tree

If I get doubtful that You exist

Will You show Yourself to me

Or should I buy myself a rosary

And see if ashes set me free

If I ever loose my words

Will You come, talk to me

Or should I keep seeking the silence

And learn to be, just be

If sanity threatens to take over

Will You pour me some more wine

Or do I need to learn to dance

In a rhythm only mine

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

3 thoughts on “If I get lost

  1. This spoke so powerfully to me that I had to leave this comment here. As one who is also wandering in life now, to find your words that resonate so much with my thoughts is truly a gift. Thank you for sharing this piece, it helps me sit down a-bit and ponder.

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