The Taker….The Giver

I am not greedy

nor remotely vain

Some might even say noble

I don’t always look for gain

I try to be kind

And always considerate

Understanding and gentle

Never impatient irate

I take what little is given

With joy and gratitude

Whatever little I can get

I appreciate, not brood

Take each little morsel

Given to me freely

Take what I can get

Joyful and happily

So you will see my plight

And imagine my surprise

When I met my Giver

today, exactly at sunrise

Teasingly He spoke

Dear soul look up higher

It is all yours to take

For you are the fire

For you are the One

In which everything comes to be

For you are everything

Be whatever you choose to be

You are the King

And the Kingdon

The wine seller and the wine

I was always yours

And you, undoubtedly Mine

So you take from yourself

And to your own self you give

The fire lives in you

And in the fire You live

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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