If you carry me in your pocket…

I am always with you

Close to your heart

All you have to do

Is look in your pocket

Upper left side

Yes, that is the one

When your heart is filled with joy

Know that it warms me too

When it sings a love song

Know that I hear the tune

When it gets restless

Know that I can see it struggle

When it gets worried

Know that I can tell trouble

When it breaks and cries

Know that I am with it

When it lets out a sigh

Know that I can feel it

When it soars to fly

Know I fly with it too

When it wants the light turned out

Know that I can see in the dark

When it seeks something more

Know that I see it’s seeking

When it longs to go home

Know that I can see it’s longing

When it says a prayer

Know that I hear it too

When it bursts with gratitude

Know that I feel it swell

Wherever you are

Whatever your heart feels

I see you

I hear you

I am your witness

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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