I walk

I have nowhere to be

I have no one to meet

No pilgrimage to take

No glory path to make

No treasures to seek

No promises to keep

One step ashes

One step fire

Never a second step

For anything higher

One step hope

One step love

Never a second step

For any heaven above

I can take this one slow

And just walk

I have nowhere to go

But I walk


The stars shine so bright

I believe they shine for me

The moon is full tonight

Bathed in light for me

I am parched and hold my cup

Out, to be filled to the top

The wine-seller pours generously

I smile and say do not stop

The air is extra fragrant

I believe it knows my joy

The jasmine shows off unashamedly

To win my heart, what a ploy

Now tell me why the sanity

To know none of them really care

They know not I exist

Happily drunk unaware

And if I have to pick the pieces

Of this delusional heart of mine

Ah dear sober sanity

Just give me a little time

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