The flow is seeking

Gathering of all

Taking it all in

Yet clear and pristine

I seek and I quench

I give way and I cut through

I reflect and I absorb

I am me and I am you

I am home in the mountain

Just as much as in the ocean

I am home in the rain clouds

In stillness and in motion

In my currents is my quest

In my rushing I do seek

In my seeking is the silence

And the calm of oceans deep

Let me lay here


But not lost


But not defeated

Let me lay here

For just a moment

Cover me up with a blanket

Of ice and snow

Let me breathe and remember

The sound of rain

In my ears

The touch of raindrops

On my face

The warmth of laughter

In my chest

I will rise again

To love again

But until the snow melts

Let me lay here — quiet

Until the snow melts

Stay by my side — quiet


My heart grows restless

Wondering when I will hold You

My eyes tire from not blinking

Lest I miss seeing You

My ears hurt from straining

To hear Your voice

I look up and

I tell myself

Hush dear soul

This is a game of eternities

A dance of forever

If not the breath in

The breath out

If not today


If not this lifetime

The next

For right now—

I am enough

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