Join me

Would You like to join me

I have made the sun for breakfast

Laid it on a platter

Of the most beautiful blue sky

Sprinkled with only the best

Whipped clouds of shades of grey

With gold seams and silver streaks

And the gentle breeze

Laden with jasmine

Have a bite

Of fire and light

Savor slowly

And then chase it

With the wine of reds

That I have strained from the heart

I think the blade of grass wants some


This generous spread

And share it with the lady bug

No rush

We have all day

To sit by the fire

For I have also made

The moon and stars

For dessert

The Taker….The Giver

I am not greedy

nor remotely vain

Some might even say noble

I don’t always look for gain

I try to be kind

And always considerate

Understanding and gentle

Never impatient irate

I take what little is given

With joy and gratitude

Whatever little I can get

I appreciate, not brood

Take each little morsel

Given to me freely

Take what I can get

Joyful and happily

So you will see my plight

And imagine my surprise

When I met my Giver

today, exactly at sunrise

Teasingly He spoke

Dear soul look up higher

It is all yours to take

For you are the fire

For you are the One

In which everything comes to be

For you are everything

Be whatever you choose to be

You are the King

And the Kingdon

The wine seller and the wine

I was always yours

And you, undoubtedly Mine

So you take from yourself

And to your own self you give

The fire lives in you

And in the fire You live

If you carry me in your pocket…

I am always with you

Close to your heart

All you have to do

Is look in your pocket

Upper left side

Yes, that is the one

When your heart is filled with joy

Know that it warms me too

When it sings a love song

Know that I hear the tune

When it gets restless

Know that I can see it struggle

When it gets worried

Know that I can tell trouble

When it breaks and cries

Know that I am with it

When it lets out a sigh

Know that I can feel it

When it soars to fly

Know I fly with it too

When it wants the light turned out

Know that I can see in the dark

When it seeks something more

Know that I see it’s seeking

When it longs to go home

Know that I can see it’s longing

When it says a prayer

Know that I hear it too

When it bursts with gratitude

Know that I feel it swell

Wherever you are

Whatever your heart feels

I see you

I hear you

I am your witness

If I get lost

If I get lost in my wandering

Will You come in search of me

Or should I drop some crumbs

And carefully mark each tree

If I get doubtful that You exist

Will You show Yourself to me

Or should I buy myself a rosary

And see if ashes set me free

If I ever loose my words

Will You come, talk to me

Or should I keep seeking the silence

And learn to be, just be

If sanity threatens to take over

Will You pour me some more wine

Or do I need to learn to dance

In a rhythm only mine

Don’t be mine

The joy is in the seeking

The fun is in pursuit

The aching in the longing

To want without refute

To pursue is to do

To want drives action

To seek demands longing

The orphan seeks affection

For all I have accomplished

And all that I have found

Has left me feeling a want

As if more should be around

Always seeking and pursuing

I love the longing ever more

I love the war more than victory

I love the thirst in my core

What if I feel the same

When I meet me and we speak

And when I become mine

And what if I still feel incomplete?

So go on, roar in mighty thunder

But do not give in and rain

Leave me parched, wanting more

Let me languish in the pain

Go on and hide behind the mountain

Let me seek until I tire

Do not show Yourself today

Let me burn in my desire

Go on and silence all the heads

Let the words all burn away

Not a sound, not a whisper

As I strain my ears today

Leave my cup unfilled and empty

So I may always long for more

Don’t be mine, not today

I seek to want You even more

Every morning

I rise with a burning desire

Lingering over from my dreams

A longing that takes over

To see, who remains unseen

I rush to wash away

My doubt, despair, remorse

Adorn myself with jewels

Of hope and joyful force

For today the silence will break

And the veils will fall away

For today the river will meet

The ocean, once far away

Just like every morning

The fire sun kisses the cloud rain

So I too, every morning

Fall in love with you again


Some things do not fit

The limits of their mould

Some songs do not follow

The rhyme of each word

Some flowers do rebel

And they bloom when they please

Demand that their story

Be carried by the breeze

I am of that rogue fire

Neither temple lamp nor hell pit

Wandering with the fireflies

When dark nights are lit

I wish to have no purpose

No loss and no gain

Just light up for a moment

And then flicker out again

But in that one moment

I burn with all my might

I am that shooting star

On which you wish tonight

A lamp

It is the story of a lamp

A small lamp made of clay

Made in colors of the earth

The Maker must’ve had a day

It would not even sit still

Long enough for the making

Unfinished and unadorned

Grinning for the taking

Picked up by the beggar

And filled with oil as if by plan

Given a wick made of hope

Lit up and shouted “I am”

With the whirling of the earth

And the tugging of the sun

Sands of time moving

The lamp kept moving on

From the temple to the winehouse

Lighting up the space around

In the stillness shining bright

In the storm a struggle found

Lighting up as it went

Victory torches and funeral pyres

Sometimes the light of hope

And other times hell’s fires

Seeking to find meaning

In it’s burning day and night

Seeking to find why

It wondered wrong and right

On the banks of the river

It met a lamp wise and old

Beautiful in colors

Its light shining gold

I learnt my purpose is to burn

And give away my all

Until the oil is all gone

And the last veil shall fall

My clay will meet my Maker

My light will always shine

The hope and love pass on

The story shall be mine

In Silence

The slow descent of leaves

Turned red and gold

The fading of colors

In memories of old

The stars on a moonless night

The mountains in place

The caress of the breeze

The gentle rain on my face

The burning of the lamp

The circle of light

The hope that gives wings

To the falcon in flight

The knife of the butcher

The rosary of the priest

My empty wine cup

My mind’s slain beast

The falling of tears

The baring of hearts

The longing to be whole

Of all broken parts

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