The stars shine so bright

I believe they shine for me

The moon is full tonight

Bathed in light for me

I am parched and hold my cup

Out, to be filled to the top

The wine-seller pours generously

I smile and say do not stop

The air is extra fragrant

I believe it knows my joy

The jasmine shows off unashamedly

To win my heart, what a ploy

Now tell me why the sanity

To know none of them really care

They know not I exist

Happily drunk unaware

And if I have to pick the pieces

Of this delusional heart of mine

Ah dear sober sanity

Just give me a little time


What was old, is new again

What was broken, is whole again

What was dark, is light again

What was loud, is silent again

What was full, is empty again

What was empty, is full again

What was lost, is found again

What was despair, is hope again

What was a tree, is seed again

What was temple, is wine house again

What was enchanted, is dust again

What was star dust, is my love again

What you were seeking, is yours again

And you, dear soul, are mine again

Much easier

It is much easier to look up

And pray to You with reverence

Than to have You stand in front

And look You in the eye with deference

It is much easier to bow my head

And accept Your will and action

Than to lift my gaze and see You

and question my own infraction

It is much easier to let You hide

Behind the silence of Your sunrise

Than to have You speak

And let thunder take me by surprise

It is much easier to stay drunk

And mad in my own mind

Than to have You tell me

that insanity seeks my kind

Still waters

Like a bolt of lightening

Or the hunted deer

A falling star

Or a thunder clap

I feel like I am on the edge

Another breath

And I can step off

Fall into the abyss

Or test my wings

But what I want

What I really want

Is to be silent

To be still

Like the waters

That hold steady

So the moon may see herself

So the path

From me

To You

May show itself

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