Silence speaks

If silence is whole

And complete in itself

Why do I hear it

Like the fires of hell

If silence is still

And forever unchanging

Why does it feel

Like the galaxies racing

If silence is noble

Like the wisdom of age

Why does it fool me

By showing its rage

If silence is quiet

Like the midnight sea

Why does it speak

So loudly to me

Maybe silence is lost

Just as I am, in myself

It eludes, not just me

But its very own self

Every time

Every single time the night falls

A sun rises to show me the light

Every time the heart grows weary

A friend comes by and makes it right

Every time when I wander astray

Someone brings me back with a whirl

Every time I descend into darkness

I seem to come back with another pearl

In the ups and downs of this ride

Each crest is laden with such pleasure

But the real quest lies in the abyss

Where every time I find a new treasure

तू इश्क़ तो कर

जब आदत हो मैख़ाने की
गंगा घाट पे शक़ तो होगा ना
जब आदत हो वीराने की
महफ़िल में ज़ुल्म तो होगा ना

यूँ ही थम जा और बैठ ज़रा

हर आदत को बेग़ाना कर

कुछ अपनी कह कुछ मेरी सुन

बेहासिल ही सही…तू इश्क़ तो कर


Someone please stop the falling of sand

Through the cruel hourglass of time

Hold the winds and silence the waves

Make this pause only mine

I have to remember so many

People, places, smells and sights

Taste of salt in the air I breathed

All of my living and it’s many delights

Remember my love

Enduring and sweet

How the lamp shone through

Morning’s fog on my street

Remember the family

that my blood bound

And the one just as precious

That the soul found

I don’t want to take anything with me

I travel light as you can see

Let me linger just a breath or two more

To say my good-bye and set you free

Nothing special and yet


The reds and golds on brilliant display

The sky ablaze with little disdain

The untiring whirling of the earth

The sun lays down for the moon again

Fill my cup with old wine and silence

Mark this day so I won’t ever forget

Hopes and dreams and laughter

No, today is nothing special, and yet…

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