Don’t call me an angel

The burden is heavy

Don’t give me wings

I can not carry

We are all on a quest

We all give and receive

There is just one synapse

You to me

My joy is abundant

My heart sings loud

We move together

Even when silence is loud

I stand tall beside you

No halo, no wings

Forever grateful

For the little things

Lost and found

I wandered the streets

Ragged and lost

Asked every pebble

Every tree, even the frost

Whirling and seeking

Running in a maze

Searching for my North star

Gazing through a haze

The need to find home

The seeking, the longing

The never ending quest

To feel a belonging

Someone must laugh

At the fool that I am

For now I laugh too

At the simple grand plan

The searching can stop

For there is nowhere to be

I am home with each step

I am meant to just be

There is no home

There is nothing amiss

There is no other

I am all that there is

Sit with me, dear me

Bring all of me to myself

A reflection…. and enough

There really is nothing else

Let’s play

I look up in despair

You throw a brilliant red at me

Teasing me


You cover me in a brilliant green

Still smiling gently

I am regret, confusion, fear

You shower me with a brilliant yellow


And You say – Now

Covered in your colors

I pause

I gather my colors

And I say to myself


The earth rises to touch the sky

I throw the reds and the greens and find the brilliant blues to tease you back

We are covered

I look like you

You look like me

I was always you

You were always me


Let’s play

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