Answer me

I wander the stars

The galaxies and more

I wander the streets

Of tales and lore

I have a million questions

Burning my mind

I stop each I meet

Would you be so kind

Tell me who I am

Where have I been

Why am I here

The seeking is keen

I keep asking why

I am not sure I belong

Was I supposed to be here

Or did I just turn wrong

Where are the wise men

Learned and bright

Why can’t I tell

Wrong from right

I seek my answers

Pray somebody tell

In your telling I seek

Heaven or hell

Don’t show me the mirror

And tell me to find

In my own reflection

Why am I blind

I close me eyes shut

And listen for silence

Answer me why

This is my lone dance

Tell me

To the tall mountain I ask

Tell me how you stay unperturbed

Are you weary or tired

Or do you still rise upward

To the blue sky I ask

Tell me how you remain proud

Are there days you want to fall

Or do you still love the cloud

To the rushing river I ask

Tell me if you are tired of motion

Or do you still wake up each day

Longing to meet the ocean

To the old tree I ask

Tell me how you stand tall

Through the snow and the storms

Bear with grace and not fall

To the silent stone I ask

Tell me how do you feel

When you paved way for armies

And now to you they kneel

To myself I ask

Can silence be heard

What if I’m just meant to whirl

And the rest is just words


In the radiance of green

Hides the hint of the gold

What is young right now

Hides the hint of the old

In the clear blue skies

Floats one gentle cloud

Against the brilliant laughing blues

The tears wear a shroud

In the still waters of time

Flow the rivers of age

In the mirror’s reflection

Hides the perfect sage

In the thunder of silence

Are the answers to my why

We gaze intently at each other

My mirror and I


I might be in the shadow of a cloud

I might stand still in pouring rain

I might feel my heart give out

My tears run into my own pain

But I can still keep hope in knowing

And I can smile and move on still

Knowing the clouds will have to go

Knowing the sun shines over the hill

I might stay up nights, afraid

Worried, if I did my part

Pacing with a mind overcome

How do I know where to start

But if I just stop and think

And then I can rest easy still

I let go of my sense of me

Faith in Your even stronger will

I might walk into the crowds today

I might want to see You now

I might long to see You smile

Hear You tell me why and how

I stop and search each face over

Looking for the One face I know

I stop and listen to each voice

Seek the One from long ago

It is enough to know You are

Present like the shining sun

Your face is in every face I see

Your voice I hear in everyone


I thought I knew for sure

Exactly who I am

A name, a face, a body

Not some phony sham

I had my roots and branches

Knew my place in the line

Those in front and behind me

All seemed perfect and fine

But the name is common place

The face is changing too

The body talking back

As if it knows not what to do

I started sure and certain

On a path to a destined star

When did I wander off

How did I stray so far

I left myself somewhere

And forgot to leave a mark

And now I can’t remember

No etchings in the bark

I look down at my hands

Searching for answers to my quest

With a cup held so tight

Was I drunk at my best

Can someone help me find

Help me find me one more time

This time I will be careful

No. Not another drop of wine

Help me look into the mirror

See what I have become

Past the name, face and body

A lost soul needs a home

Like a lost dog needs a master

A lost marble needs a jar

A lost prayer needs a God

I just need my North star


I think I am lost

Don’t know the way

Not sure to go

Or stop and stay

Write me a letter

Sing me a song

Tell me a story

Help me belong

Give me some food

Pour me some wine

If I am irreverent

You be divine

Who am I And

why am I, I 

Is there a purpose

Is there a why

There must have been

 A plan in place

For me to be here

Whose is the grace

Show me that plan

Tell me the why

Who do I owe

A debt to die

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