In honor of Catherine and Greg

Let me not be defined

By what happens to me

Neither vain in victory

Nor dejected in defeat

Nothing is inherently good

Or bad… as it may seem

For sorrow defines joy

Where hell and heaven meet

For all the storms

And the rainbows along the way

Let me abide in gratitude

…In quiet stillness… today

Lost and forgotten

I have looked everywhere

High and low

I have searched all over

And I still don’t know

Where did I slip

When was I remiss

As if the comedy was not enough

Now, there is this

I have lost my God, you see

Somewhere along the way

Go on, laugh at me

I also forgot how to pray

I gaze into the mirror

Long and hard, dare I say

Silence speaks back

Games it won’t play


Nothing is lost or forgotten

Redemption is just this…

For now, and forever

It is, what it is

Light a candle for me

Until I can feel warm again

Let me sit by the fireplace

Until I can find gratitude again

Let bitter tears streak my face

Until I believe in luck again

Can I call this cardinal mine?

As eleven goes past eleven

Will you watch the face of time?

Until I can stand up again

Let me lay here silently

Until my heart meets prayer again

Will you light a candle for me?

Hold my hand

You held it when I was born

When I needed it to stand

You held it so I could walk

Made the simple seem so grand

You held it when I fell

Told me – bravely get back up

You held it when I was broken

Showed me how full was my cup

You held it in joy and in sorrow

Held it tight, with no demand

Like a promise made forever

Father, always hold my hand

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