When I am gone forever

Light my pyre with a smile

Lay my words to rest with me

Break your silence for a while

Hold a light to the logs

Watch a spark burst into flame

Look around and find friends

No regrets and no blame

As the fire burns up bright

Lights up the night sky aglow

Walk around me one more time

And then gently let me go

Stand around a little longer

Watch the flames burn down at last

Down to embers breathing slow

Like a storm sky overcast

And then the final light goes out

The heat is gone for ever

We were here and then we were not

Feel a lifeline finally sever

Pick up a fistful of my ashes

Scatter the star dust at your feet

Let me lay in final silence

Where my heart found it’s beat

But until then, find me close

Laugh with me and hope you see

In the Now of our lives

You light the fire up in me

Published by ElusiveSilence

Always wondering....

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