The moon must say it

To the last shining star

The ocean must whisper it

To the setting sun

Don’t go yet

I want more


Just a little longer

I still have breath in me

So I will speak

Will you stay and listen

Just a little longer

I am drunk but still aware

Unsteady but still standing

Will you fill my cup again

Just a little more

If we meet again

You may not know my face

You may not remember my name

You may not laugh the same

So, for just now

Please stay

Just a little longer

Not the same

If you are the idol

On a high pedestal

I can bow down

And kneel and pray

I can revere

From a distance

I do not wish

To stand up or stay

If you are a stranger

Walking along

I can smile

And not fray

I do not wish

To stop or stay

If you are the God

And I the fallen angel

I remain the devil

In my own way

I do not wish

To rise or stay

If you are the sun

And I the ashes

I can scatter

My being away

I do not wish

To be whole and stay

If you are the wine seller

And I the drunk

Pour me a cup

And look away

I do not wish

To be seen or stay

Stay up there

So I may look up

For it is simpler

To adore

And want

Nothing more

For if you came down

And we were the same

My drunken words

Might give me away

Pay me no notice

Give me no thought

Whirling in

My drunken trance

I remain unseen

Let me stay


Like trying to hold water in my fist

Like trying to trap sunshine in my eyes

Like trying to bottle the morning breeze

Like trying to ride the clouds floating by

Silence is that water

That sunshine

That breeze

Around me always

But not caught with ease

Rewarding, not testing

Mocking nor sad

Wise and warm

Fulfilled and glad

The slow kiss of wine

The baring of soul

The glow of embers

The melting of gold

Silence teases and laughs

In wins and fails

Shows glimpses of self

Like the falling of veils

For I have now tasted

The silence of enough

I am hopelessly lost

Searching the rough

To know it once

Even just for a breath

Like having tasted blood

Like defying death

Searching and trying

To capture it again

Silence eludes me

I wander insane

Leave a little

Leave a little space

At the bottom of the page

To come back to

Another day another time

Leave a lamp burning

At the end of the day

To glimmer in the dark

Despair of the night

Leave a little distance

At the end of the climb

To get back to

When the peak is defined

Leave a little wine

In the bottom of my cup

That I can stare into

So no one can see mine

Leave some things unsaid

At the end of day

To keep my heart whirling

Until the next time


A light goes out

With each moment

I die a little death

With each breath

The crash of a wave

The setting sun

The falling star

In a spiral burn

The leaf turned gold

The fire down to embers

The wind still and slow

The fire fly’s last glow

And then like magic

The next breath arrives

Born again

Like a new sunrise

The wave lifts up

The light shines bright

The flame burns high

A new bird takes flight

The wind rages again

To meet the mountain

A new bud starts to bloom

Life finds a fountain

This dying with each breath

And then rebirth in the next

I keep whirling back and forth

Finding eternity in the rest

You are a Father

If you kneeled down low

And sat on the floor

Had make believe tea

And then asked for more

Gingerly lifted the tiny cup

To your lips, and smiled

Complimenting lavishly

And unashamedly lied

….Today is for you

If you ever were brave

And sat in a low chair

Wincing inside, smiling outside

As she braided your hair

If you admired the choice

Of the mismatched clips

And looked into the mirror

Saw the wide smile on her lips

….Today is for you

If you stopped your frenzy

To sit down and listen

As he related uncomfortable touch

You saw the tears glisten

If you believed and said so

And stood tall next to him

Took on the world

And didn’t say it was his whim

….Today is for you

If you paused long enough

Before choosing to correct

Taught her to reason

To think and reflect

If you escaped the trap

Of feeling strong because you were tall

If you did not let your anger

Be unleashed on the small

….Today is for you

If you lived your own life

Without regret or remorse

And did your best

To share your own force

To pass on your own dreams

You resisted the temptations

Instead, let her truly

Set her own expectations

….Today is for you

If your mind filled with joy

And chest swelled with pride

You said it out loud

Did not feel the need to hide

If you lifted him on your shoulder

Held him up high

Gave him the conviction

He could touch the sky

….Today is for you

Happy Father’s Day!

(The Y chromosome is optional)

How can I tell

You are silent

Is it the silence of worry

That weighs on your mind

Or the quiet anguish

Of a broken heart

Is it an annoyed pout

Or an angry rebellious quiet

Or maybe and most likely

It is the silence of your wisdom

That knows that it knows

And does not need any more

Does not need to tell

Or hear

Of desires or dreams,

Complaints or concerns

Your silence is your reflecting pool

Complete and whole

Like you

I step back and look up

At your perfection

In your calm

I kneel before you, rise and walk on

I shall keep looking

For the one whose missing piece

I am

And until then

My wandering soul keeps walking

My restless words keep talking

Silence eludes me


If I can be anything

Make me water

Can rage like a storm in the ocean

Or desire to be the reflecting pool

Seeing everything, yet untouched

Strong enough to break mountains

Or kind to quench a parched soul

Easy to contain in a cup

But hard to hold in a closed fist

Holy enough for the living

Or to take in the ashes of dead

Scalding as the steam of a volcano

Or soothing first rain of summer

A water heart can’t be broken

You can drive a dagger through

I would part to give way

And come back together

Always whole

Every time

If you speak

But I think I know

Everything already

I wasted your precious words

If you speak

And it answers my how or why

I learn

How the earth turns

If you speak

And I become you

I hear you

You almost do not have to speak

If you speak

And my being becomes still

You are me

I become new

Every time

Let me be renewed

Speak to me

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