No sound

In my head I walked farther

Searching for your trail

In my head I walked faster

Hoping to catch up and not fail

In my head I called out

Hoping you heard my plea

In my head I said I’m sorry

I begged for some mercy

In my head I am lost

A broken shattered piece

In my head I cried out stop

I can’t go on like this.

Then I realize the truth

My voice is only in my head

You can not hear me

To you, I am dead

You had held me for a moment

You and I, we had talked

But when my corpse got too heavy

You laid me down and walked

I slow down and finally stop

I lay down on the ground

I can still hear the wailing

But there is no more sound


You hide them well

In the deep oceans of your heart

Like buried treasure


Sometimes they rise up

Fighting to escape

You battle right back

And drown them again

But in rare moments

The locks give way

The storms overwhelm

The pearls rise up

In all their glory

Laden heavy with pain

One at a time

Like the sigh of the shell

Pried open

Brilliant pearls

Flow slowly gently

As if wanting to wash away

The scars

Each one brighter than the one before


You wear them well

So Precious

Go on

Wear them proudly

Wear them unafraid

I stand guard

The door

When you lay me down to rest

Don’t put me in a dark casket

Lay me on a pile of wood

Light the flame and step far back

Let me burn down to the bone

Ashes left, as I go home

Don’t mark the spot or leave a stone

Let the grass grow, fed by my bone

Let wildflowers grow carelessly

Let there be room for just one more

Turn around and walk away

I will walk right next to you

What you burnt was never me

I am in the reflection you see

Don’t put me in an urn or box

Or hang me around your neck in locks

Know me in the pause of your breath

Feel me in the beat of your heart

I am not behind a door

I am you and then some more


The sun sets over the ocean

Pours its fire into my wine cup

Red as blood and raging

Barely contained

Now it looks at me as if teasing

Daring me to defy

The urge to lift up to my lips

And drink and drown fast

As strong as the temptation

To reach oblivion quick

Just as strong a wish

To make the journey last

From the first drop to the last

Make each one count

The thrill of walking on the edge

Before taking the plunge into the abyss

So I look back at my cup

The challenge is so on

With a twinkle in my eye

Let’s start a slow dance

Let me hold you in my hands

Feel your fire against my skin

Let me slowly twirl you

See the sparkle in your eyes

As I lift you to my lips

Let me feel you close your eyes

In anticipation hold your breath

To match my own desire

The first drop is the kiss

And then the fire turns into flames

Until the last drop is the sigh

Of the ashes that remain

The sun has long gone home

And the air is very quiet

A gentle breeze takes pity

Carries me safely home


Do the petals of a cherry blossom

When the pageantry is done

Feel lost as they fall away

Without direction or home

Does the little urchin feel it

On the vast ocean floor

Carried by the currents

Not knowing which way to turn

The waves that keep coming

Wiping out my words

And going back

Must feel it real strong

For sure, the spark of fire

That leapt off the flame

Feels it, as it takes off

Into the dark unknown

I know I too feel lost at times

Round and round I go

Sometimes wanting to break off

And other times wanting to give in

But one means a free fall

And the other a collision course

Do I really want to find

A way that leads home

Or do I want to just wander

Maybe home I have none

So meet me at the corner

Of holding on and letting go

Bring me my cup of wine

And let it kiss me real slow

Then put your hands on my eyes

And turn me three around

And set me back into my whirling

Lost and happy drunk

You owe me nothing

I choose to kneel before You

I choose to say Your name

I choose to seek You in the crowd

You don’t have to do the same

I want to give of myself

To serve You and sit low

I want to be the seeker

You don’t have to though

I hope to be Your shadow

Connected but never one

I hope to be the blades of grass

That You always walk on

I want to keep You in my sight

From a far enough distance

I happily give you all that’s mine

And alone I can dance

It is with pride that I adore You

Your great stories I love to sing

But much as I adore You

You owe me not a thing

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