What is it that I seek

If I run really fast

Why do I need to tell

If I run very far

Why is there an urge to yell

If I write a love song,

why does it need to be heard

If silence is golden

Talking seems absurd

Why is there a constant need

For approval from another

The incessant wasted worry

For words to go further

If only I can sit with myself

And be gentle and kind

There really is nothing else

For me to need or find

Nothing to be had

Nothing to be done

Nowhere to go

Nothing to become

In your light

Life breaks all rules when

I grasp it in my hand

It slips away with ease

Like a million grains of sand

I run so hard to catch up

But it’s always two ahead

I wander lost in the streets

Looking for it’s thread

And then I catch a glimpse

Of it’s brilliance in your eyes

It seems to dance with joy

In the mischief of your smile

What seemed to be impossible

To slow down or understand

Seems happily suspended

In the palm of your hand

So let me pause for a moment

And gaze upon your face

And in your light find life

In all it’s glory and grace

Let me walk in step with you

Even if for just a while

And in your light find love

Let it be my last mile

I need to get home

Dawn breaks

The earth stretches

The sky unfolds slowly

The dew drops sigh

The trees stir

And the sun starts

Its slow journey across the sky

I wake up from my dream

Of being home with You

I jump up ready

I need to get home

No time to waste

I have to finish what I start

Everything has to be done

Promises have to be kept

Lessons have to be learnt

Wrongs need to be made right

I have to live a whole life now

I will be gone tomorrow

No time

To linger around

To ponder

I walk fast

I run

I speak fast

Some heard, some lost

I need to say everything

No time to lose

Or pause

I am rushing to get home

As the shadows start to get long

And the birds fly home

My hope starts to dim

Of getting home today

It is dark

I have to stop

Sit and stay

No point in fighting any more

Tired feet

My eyes close

I dream

Of home

Of You

Of light and joy

I wake up with the lark

Jump up and ready

Today will be the day

I will get home

I have to get home

I have to walk fast

No time to waste

I need to do everything



Much as I love the clouds and thunder

Can You make the sun shine again

I respect the wisdom of defeat

But allow me victory again

I know that if I sit very still

My mountain is just a hill

I realize the lessons of the climb

You know I have had my fill

I know each person sent my way

Has been sent so I can learn

But my bones are cold and weary

Please let the fire burn

Just this once let there be

No soothsayer no liar

Just a slow dance in the silence

No purpose no desire


Every blade of grass has it

Even the blooming moss

Something that serves another

With some gain or loss

Each person I fall in love with

Or each one that I despise

If I can step out of the frenzy

They all make me wise

Each moment filled with joy

Or made heavy with pain

Can teach me how to be

With love or disdain

Each high and low of life

Has the power to tell

If I can stand aside and watch

My own heaven and hell

Each breath I take, has it

Without a why or how

For not in the gone or what is to come

My purpose is in the now

I got Your back

If you falter mid sentence

I will help you make it complete

If you stumble on the way

I will be there in a hearbeat

If someone tries to hurt you

In word or deed alike

I will vow to make them regret

Of even dreaming of the slight

If you are ever in a doubt

Of your worth or your grace

I will be right there next to you

Holding a mirror to your face

Pointing out to you with love

Each priceless quality you hold

Showing you your brilliance

Beautiful and bold

I have no doubt in my heart

I am your guardian, like no other

But there is a question on my mind

Does the Wizard need a mother?


What is it in our bones

That makes us stronger when we fall

What is it in our mind

That makes it whole when torn apart

What is it in our nerves

That makes steel when danger looms

What is it in our heart

Where in the darkest time hope blooms

A hope that things will be okay

And I will be whole again

Does not matter how dark the clouds

There is a rainbow after rain

A hope that I will get home

Tomorrow, next week or year

That I just need to hold on tight

And not give in to every fear

Of all my failings, there are abundant

Hope remains the crown jewel

Even in the darkest moments

It lets me be a happy fool.

Giving you to you

You look at me with such love

And admiration in your eyes

You think that I am special

And you believe that I am wise

You take my word for granted

And follow what I say

You don’t refute my point

Easily you sway

How do I tell you gently

I am no matter of pride

I have my share of flaws

And there is darkness inside

So know this as you look at me

And see, what you think, is me

I am not who you think I am

You see who you are meant to be

To be still

I watch the rushing waterfall

Racing down the mountain

I gaze upon the dancing waves

As if a massive fountain

I marvel at the dancing flames

Wondering where is their beat

I feel the rush of the winds

Running on invisible feet

In their rushing movement

I see a steady anchor

In their frenzied dancing

I realize a calm center

I wonder then for myself

As I catch a hazy reflection

To be still and yet be moving

Would be my perfection

Just as there is a valley

Between each mountain peak

What if the silence that eludes me

Lies in the words I speak


Boundaries and definitions

Shapes and forms

What if I do not fit

What if I don’t conform

Masks and veils

Shells and shields

What if I don’t cover

What if I just yield

Culture and traditions

Rituals and prayers

What if I don’t follow

What if I don’t care

Ideas and theories

Notions and beliefs

What if I have my own

What if no grief

Gods and demons

Fallen angels in hell

What if there is none

What if I break the spell

Sacrifice and mercy

Heroes and war

What if I don’t want

Either or

You ask me to sit

Where I once sat

But I am neither this

And I am not that

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